The Research Center for Youth Cultural Exchange was recently founded at UIBE with the dual aim of cultivating international youth leadership as well as advancing scholarship relating to Chinese youth involvement and shared responsibility in global governance and China’s economic reforms and social opening.


    Following recent Chinese government initiatives to strengthen the international programs of its universities, the Center aims to serve as a platform for scholarly exchange by hosting an annual conference in Beijing, pairing students at UIBE with visiting international faculty to conduct research, and funding student and faculty research about recent trends in China’s unique path of economic development.


    UIBE is uniquely positioned to house such an endeavor. UIBE was founded in 1951 as a part of Project 211, a program developed to help top Chinese universities become leading international universities. UIBE plays a vital role in training and research on Chinese economic development. UIBE is also unique among top Chinese universities in its international orientation. Discussion, debate, and research at UIBE have always been animated by the idea that mutual prosperity and international economic cooperation require a steady foundation of mutual understanding.

  • Our Values

    Cross-Cultural Communication and Mutual Understanding

    Scholarly Innovation

    Advancing the Dialogue about Economic Development

    Promoting Scholarship about Sino-American Relations in the Post-2012 Era

  • What We Do

    Student Research

    Our Collaborative Study Project allows groups of 6-8 students to work together to conduct research on topics related to the work of the center, under the dual guidance of faculty from UIBE as well as guest faculty from around the world.


    Our Youth Communication Conference, hosted annually in Beijing, allows our researchers to present their work and to learn from thought and industry leaders. Our conference in generously supported by the Research Center for Innovative Collaboration Among Beijing Universities for Building Economics Openness.

    Faculty Round Tables

    Our researchers travel abroad each year to conduct high-level talks and engage in faculty round table discussions in North America and Europe. During the 2017-2018 academic year, our round tables will take place at Faculty House, Columbia University in New York City and Filmuniversität Babelsberg in Potsdam.



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